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11 декабря в клубе "ДеМократия" состоится вечеринка Depeche Mode.
Адрес клуба: Ул. Цветной бульвар, д.11, стр 2.
Сбор гостей в 20.30. ВХОД БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ.
Схема проезда http://maps.yandex.ru/-/CFG5BbQ
Заказ столиков по телефону: 8 (495) 762-69-80
8 (495) 624-66-38

Вас ждет видео концертов DM, начиная со "101" и заканчивая "Tour of the universe"...
А так же любимые клипы и выступление Ди-джея.

ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Заявки на видео и музыку во время вечеринки принимаются бесплатно.

У вас будет возможность поголосить в микрофон, в качестве back- вокалиста, либо отважиться самому исполнить песню DM на сцене клуба. Главной же целью данного собрания является возможность, в последствии, TO GET OUR OWN ROOM!

Ссылка в контакте http://vkontakte.ru/club22050068

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11 March 2010 @ 07:20 pm
Hey everyone! So Ive started a facebook group to try to help get the guys a shot at playing the Olympics in London! I know its a long shot that my lil group will have any part in them picking who plays, but the more members the better! If anyone would like to join and help spread the word, it'd be great! Thanks!

DM to play Olympics!

This has been x-posted a bit to various DM comms, sorry if this clogs up your friends list! :)

This is my last reminder that this Saturday is the annual full-on Depeche Mode Fest. Please invite your friends, co-workers, family, that like DM. This is a wonderful night you will not soon forget.
The annual celebration of the greatest band that ever was: Depeche Mode. Join hundreds of other fans in dancing the night away to all your Depeche Mode favs, remixes, and rarities. We will, of course, also be playing solo material from Dave Gahan and Martin Gore.

This year we have added multiple DM projections and 2 rooms of music.

$100 prize to the person who is the most devoted DM fan. (I will judge it by the most DM clothing, DM tattoos, ticket stubs, and ???)

Saturday Oct 24, 2009
Reverb - 651 Queen St West - Toronto
doors @ 10pm-4am 19+ event
$10 before 11pm $15 after
facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8256055823
facebook invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=139737076049

Large screen Depeche Mode video projections and DM music ALL night long.

Reverb: DEPECHE MODE FEST 2009 with DJ Lazarus

Holy Joe's : Retro Request with Chris Way
upcoming events:
Oct 24 - DEPECHE MODE Fest 2009 - Holy Joe's: Chris Way (retro) @ Reverb
Oct 30 - PANIC - HALLOWEEN RETRO PARTY frontroom: Retro Cheese & One Hit Wonders (Friday Oct 30 is Devil's Night) @ Reverb
Oct 31 - EBM HALLOWEEN PARTY - frontroom: Retro with Chris Way @ Nocturne
Nov 7 - DARKRAVE v.113 *ALL AGES* - theme: Back from the gRAVE - Zombie Party @ Big Bop
Nov 14 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - frontroom: 90's Grunge & Alternative @ Nocturne
Nov 21 - Fetish Masquerade - theme: Studio 54: Sleazy 70's
Nov 28 - EBM PARTY 24 - frontroom: Retro with Chris Way @ Nocturne
Dec 5 - DARKRAVE v.114 *ALL AGES* Theme: Pirates vs Ninja's @ Big Bop
Dec 12 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - Holy Joe's: Manchester & the 90's British Invasion @ Reverb
Dec 19 - Fetish Masquerade - theme: Bawdy Medieval Yuletide Fete
Dec 26 - EBM PARTY 25 - Boxing Day Party frontroom: Retro with Chris Way @ Nocturne
Jan 2 - DARKRAVE 2010 *ALL AGES* Theme: Future Military @ Big Bop
Jan 9 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - Holy Joe's: The Cure & Siouxsie Fest @ Reverb
Jan 16 - Fetish Masquerade theme: "Nice Boots, Wanna F*ck?"
Jan 23 - Super Turbo Special Cool SYNTHPOP SATURDAY IIII @ Nocturne
Jan 30 - EBM PARTY 26 - frontroom: Retro with Chris Way @ Nocturne
Feb 13 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - Holy Joe's: The Smiths/Morrissey Fest *Valentine's Event* @ Reverb
March 13 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party *7 Year Anniversary* - Holy Joe's: Retro Cheese & One Hit Wonders @ Reverb
April 10 - PANIC - the ultimate retro party - Holy Joe's: New Order/Joy Division Fest @ Reverb

check http://www.djlazarus.com for details
01 August 2009 @ 12:31 pm
Do you still wear a scrotum ring? --SHOVAK, JENKINTOWN, PA

It wasn’t a scrotum ring, it was a geish — that’s a piercing in the part between your scrotum and your ass. It’s supposedly the most erotic place to be pierced, but I would beg to differ with that. I don’t know if any piercing is that erotic, really. For me, it was probably about the pain. I knew it was time to get rid of it when one of my kids noticed it and was like, “Why do you have an earring in your ass?”

HAHAHAHA!  I love that, never gets old whenever I read it.

20 July 2009 @ 12:29 pm
Does anyone have any extra (2) tickets for the Borgata - Atlantic City, NJ show?  The person in charge of getting the tickets didn't realize they would sell out and banked on being able to get them lter.  :(  So.. I'm out a show and it's not sitting well with me. 

Any ideas?  Ebay is raping people when it comes to this venue. 

 Massive Depeche Mode Tribute compilation on Alfa Matrix
Belgium's electro label Alfa Matrix is releasing the massive "Alfa Matrix re:covered - a tribute to Depeche Mode" 2CD compilation. A special webpage was launched as well for this release holding lots of info: http://www.depeche-mode-tribute.com . 
As the title suggests already, the compilation unites the electronic sounds from the Alfa Matrix label artists with some of the best songs pop history has ever heard from one single band. All electronic music genres have their very own ambassadors on this double CD compilation including interpretations by Sebastian Komor (Zombie Girl, Komor Kommando, ...), Jean-Luc Demeyer (Front 242), Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip) and many more. 32 tracks in total !
IMPORTANT: the first online orders for this compilation will receive a FREE promo only 7-track EPCD featuring alternative versions including a damn danceable version of one of the Jean-Luc De Meyer tracks !! This EP is not available on the market! On top you get a free 18-track label compilation. 4CD's for just 20 Euro. Tracklist, video and ordering info at http://www.depeche-mode-tribute.com .
The video displays some of the tracks appearing on the 2CD "Alfa Matrix re:covered - a tribute to Depeche Mode" and on the free EP that comes with the first online orders. YES it does include snippets from the 3 tracks with Jean-Luc on vox !
13 March 2009 @ 11:38 am
I need to sell a ticket for the August 17th show at the Hollywood Bowl to see the amazing Depeche Mode.

Depeche Mode
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA
Mon, Aug 17, 2009 07:30 PM
Seat location: section TERRAC, row 1357, seat 4
Total Charge: US $ 201.00
26 February 2009 @ 10:49 pm
 I feel like I'm spamming the community as of late, but I just thought I just address the fact that the DM iTunes Pass is #5 on the album list!

25 February 2009 @ 12:30 am
So.... I joined the Depeche Mode Digital Street Team a bit ago and just received my first e-mail about promoting. Thankfully I know Allie won't mind me putting this up. Just want to do my part for the band!

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